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Rolf Schönenberger
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.
Brains and minds behind SCHĂ–NENBERGER Systeme

Mr. Schönenberger, what had been the roots to develop material management systems?

The operational tasks always started with the customers.  Ever since joining the VEIT Group in 1977 as assistant to the founder I had been invited to participate in conversations with very successful but demanding prime customers. The German garment industry has suffered a tremendous restructuring: large quantities and easy to produce styles had been contracted to foreign manufacturers or subsidiaries abroad; leaving small series for domestic production demanding to produce several styles simultaneously, short throughput times, sample units, new materials and not proven technologies..... in short 'all headaches' for a plant manager stayed domestic with the high volumes produced abroad.

New technologies and new approaches to cope with management tasks have drawn my interest ever since:
starting with my 2 diploma theses 'industrial process orientated organisation' and 'flexible engineered manufacturing systems' followed by employment with the German ministery for research and new technology in a department new applications for data processing.

You had ben travelling world wide - where do you see common interests or differences in the needs and mentalities of various cultures and customers?

We all live in a global world. Our best sales people are our customers, especially when they are pleased with the solutions provided and when they operate successfully in their highly competitive markets. Often the owner-managed companies let us participate in the development of their logistic processes.

Where do you see the focus in your work?

Think along new lines had been a slogan attractive to the company for many years. To improve productivity,
to question the processes and activities within a company and thus improve process management,
to reconsider the supply chain within very dynamic surroundings are topics of continuous actuality.
Customers develop their markets in their very own ways. Globalization and rapid changes force them to demand innovative logistic structures for their future success.
Improving current situations and contributing to improved flows strengthens the competitiveness of the customers:
this has been a main focus in my work.

Better ideas evolve in a climate of open unbiased discussions and communication by respected thriving
team members who enjoy their work, who like to work independently and are proud and qualified professionals.
I gladly support such engagement.
Rolf Schönenberger