Schönenberger Systeme
Think along new lines

Innovation & Growth
Apprentice training and qualification


First major projects in Germany (Trumpf Blusen, Aschheim D) and Austria (Mäser, Vorarlberg A)


Foundation of SCHÖNENBERGER named "Veit Transpo GmbH". The origins are in organisation of assembly and processing for apparel production. For apparal industry improvisation and makeshift are mentary required whereas flexibility and talent to improvise in all situations run in our blood. The challenge is to manage different tasks in a short run and to approach each task innovative. Like this our basic competencesformed, like warehousing as part of a processing chain with dynamic storage for flat and hanging goods.
1979 - 1990  
Forming an international operating company. Strong markets for apparel were France, UK and Italy. First installations in North America, like PEERLESS - today the world leading manufacturer and distributer for suits: storage for GOH for more than 2 Mio. suits.
Start of the 80s tgeh apparel industy of Western Europe declined: The customers relocated production sites and changed from apparel manufacturers to apparel traders. Together with our american partner we built huge distribution centres in North America and several projects for work- and rental wear. Then retailing in Europe became stronger and also here big distribution centres were built.

Mid of the 80s completely automated spinning mills were designed like in 1987 the first fully automated transproting system for spinning mills at SCHÖLLER in Düren, Germany.

First fully automated single hanger sorting systems (HLS 2100) in Germany and Italy.

A lonterm partnership with TEXTILOT in France led to a complete reorganisation of logistic processes by implementing latest technology.

Eine langjährige Partnerschaft mit TEXTILOT in Frankreich führte zu ganzheitlicher Restrukturierung der logistischen Prozesse unter Einsatz neuester Technologien.

Textile recycling at SOEX in Bitterfeld, Germany: today processing more than 1 Mio. goods per day

Major project CARREFOUR near Paris, France

Extension of TEXTILONIA, Spain with automated sorting systems for flat and hanging goods
Distribution centres at (amongst others) PATRIZIA PEPE, CHICCO, DOLCE & GABANA, SWINGER, GILMAR, ZENGNA. Worldwide implementation of rowing bobbin transport systems for ring spinning yarns

Newly developed DC for PUNTROMA in Spain with automated intake, sortation and supply for different departments anso in existing buildings; automated loading of trolleys in 2 hanging levels (!) and transport to to 9-levelled dynamic trolley storage. Developement / Enhancement of CDDC conveyor (Continuous Distribution and Dispatch Conveyor)   
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