Schönenberger Systeme
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Spinning mills
It's all about quality

The rail system SERVOtrail is a must for quality minded spinning mills.

The Schönenberger rail picks up bobbins at roving frames, stores and transports them to ring spinning frames.
From there bobbin strippers can be addressed before clean bobbins are ready to be exchanged with full bobbins at the roving frames

All spinning mills have individual demands:
they vary from product ranges to production cycles at all.
resulting in varying demands for interim buffers and supply of ring spinning frames.
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems support such individual customer requirements.

Quality is ensured by bobbins hanging
- spaced from each other - in bobbin trains.
The additional space, traditionally needed for floor trolleys, can be used for extra ring spinning frames,
thus increasing production.


It's all about quality, efficiency and productivity increase: with side effect for personnel: easier handling of bobbins with less people (up to 25%). Extra bonus:little to no maintenance required for components of Schönenberger systems.
Spinning mills