Schönenberger Systeme
Think along new lines

Textile & Apparel
Distribution & Logistics
Textile Care & Laundry, Recycling
Light goods industry
Spinning mills
Stay in motion

Many applications have developed from projects in light goods industries.
The modular designed, centre supported rail system is well suited for many of these varying demands.
Schönenberger components are grouped to individual projects, carriers are adapted to customer products and operations.
Manual, semi-automatic and automatic flows can be performed.

Using the cube:
the system can be installed on ground floor and on multi levels according to the potential of the buildings.

· Furniture - floating through production
· Bicycles multi - level storage
· Nurseries - a multitude of applications
Light goods industry
Furniture - floating through production

Scoring with Speed

In furniture industries, SCHĂ–NENBERGER systems are mainly used for hanging manufacturing and transportation of textile components.

With long time experience from apparel industry the parts can be cut, sewn and directly transported to the assembly area. There the covers can be pulled over the frames. Alternatively covers can be staged in interim buffers for call off as required.

With customer designed carriers all kind of light goods can be transported, processed and stored.

Various textile covers, pillows or sensitive materials like high quality leathers are placed in special container trolleys or put in ball clamps for careful handling to prevent marks.
under construction

Nurseries a multitude of applications

Easier and faster processing

...was reached by using the centrally supported SCHÖNENBERGER rail system in a greenhouse.
Specially designed gardening carriers and CTU trolleys take pots, plants, soil and all kinds of other materials.
Various functions can be processed and assisted giving a less tiring work space and reducing ergonomic stress.

The picture shows a mobile workstation allowing to discharge soil wherever needed.
Other applications are "mobile hoses" on trolleys to spread water and/or fertilizer over the plants anywhere in the greenhouse.

Various applications have improved process management with a reduction in time of up to 50%.

Little to no maintenance still after years under seasonal and climatic conditions: high humidity, rain and snow.