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Supporting automotive industry
many companies have developed
supplying intelligent components to complete subsystems.

The automotive supply chain is triggered by the life cycle of car models.
Regular supply of components and subsystems for many years demand production at lowest costs.
Continuous improvement of processes support such goal.
Individual application designed carriers serve the workstations beat by beat, bang on time.

Intralogistic means:
service workstations – feed & discharge
buffer in dynamic storage areas
and all that    just in time

With long term experience and know-how Schönenberger
would like to support you in such tasks.

!!! Case Study

Application designed Carriers
Processing around the clock

Automotive Company in Germany

This application in the assembly section sets an example of how well Schönenberger logistic systems fit for the improvement of workflow operations in automotive industries.

At several carousels components for various car models are assembled. The workstations are connected up to final assembly and QC.
High priority is put on cleanliness and working with trolleys meets this demand.