Schönenberger Systeme
Think along new lines

Textile & Apparel
Distribution & Logistics
Textile Care & Laundry, Recycling
Light goods industry
Spinning mills

High quality processing at low cost

Laundries for work apparel and uniform rental demand high standards for sortation:
individual sortation by person.

Passing quality control the items in a laundry need various processes like mending, alterations, out of service etc.
before the pieces can be sorted to route, customer and man.
Intralogistic systems supporting such flows are attractive.

Schönenberger is your partner
picking up your suggestions and demands and
together with you turning them into innovative solutions.

!!! Case Study

Textile Care & Laundry, Recycling
Rev up tons

World's largest recycling plant for textiles and apparel

Green ecology or sustainability means to re-use things second hand. SCHÖNENBERGER is your partner from spinning the new yarn until recycling of second hand goods.

The different worksteps of the SCHÖNENBERGER system in this recycling plant are directed by just one person:
presorting, detailled sorting, compressing and ripping.
Transport is automated: when a booth in the pre-sorting section is filled, the goods are automatically dropped into a transporting bag. Like magic the filled bag is transported to the following operations: to fine screening and to the folding tables for 2nd-hand-sale preparation or to the
bailing presses, ripping and re-cycling ... Nothing is wasted!