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To stay competitive is an ongoing questioning of operational processes and a permanent attempt to improve.

Workplaces and techniques need to be considered as well as the modification and improvement of all material and information flow.

And this is just what Schönenberger can do for you:
We develop flexible solutions for standardized processes - and this for most different businesses whereby the textile and apparel markets are our traditional fields.
Think along New Lines
Warehouse Capacity

Mens Wear Manufacturer in Southwest Germany

The company produces annually around 800,000 GOH (singles) with a 60% export rate.

Supported by SCHÖNENBERGER logistic technology and know-how the company today benefits from
improved quality, enhanced flexibility, reduced costs.

In their 15.000 sqm and 3-level warehouse about 500,000 GOH are stored, 700 parcels and 5,000 GOH per day are shipped.
Same day shipment for orders received before noon is ensured.
Storage capacity can be increased by 50% upon demand.

e-log event driven logistics
or mass production with lot size 1

The main challenge for e-log (event driven logistics) is:

    1. Vast amounts of goods can happen at any time
    2. The huge number of single customers that need tob e serviced
        by the distribution process
Due to the comparatively low prices for online-sales and accordingly a lower creation of value the aspect of ecomonic efficiency in this case is vital.
Rev up tons

World's largest recycling plant for textiles and apparel

Green ecology or sustainability means to re-use things second hand. SCHÖNENBERGER is your partner from spinning the new yarn until recycling of second hand goods.

The different worksteps of the SCHÖNENBERGER system in this recycling plant are directed by just one person:
presorting, detailled sorting, compressing and ripping.
Transport is automated: when a booth in the pre-sorting section is filled, the goods are automatically dropped into a transporting bag. Like magic the filled bag is transported to the following operations: to fine screening and to the folding tables for 2nd-hand-sale preparation or to the
bailing presses, ripping and re-cycling ... Nothing is wasted!


Calm Movements

SCHÖNENBERGER understands "storage" as a kind of stand-still transport in a workflow. Thus SCHÖNENBERGER tends to design "storage" as a dynamic, continuous process from raw material storage to the point of sale.
Planning includes the use of full building capacity in width, length AND height! If necessary to the remotest corner.
Thus the sotrage capacity can be enhhanced and sometimes building new can be spared.  > read more  

!!! Case Study
e-commerce following mail order business and spare parts logistic

Good – better – Schönenberger

Actually logistic services for e-commerce, mail order and spare parts supply ask for magic wand waving:
Thousands and hundred-thousands of different items are stored, picked, sorted, packed and shipped in cycles tuned to seconds.

"Oops … here you are" - the smallest size, the weirdest colour for the finest customer."

For SCHÖNENBERGER systems love to engage with such challenges - successfully.

!!! Case Study

Mail Order

One of Europe's biggest Mail Order Companies for software, computer accessories and lifestyle products

More than 14,000 different articles and more than 20,000 parcels per day are shipped. With SCHÖNENBERGER an excellent grade of mechanization was achieved: the company can now handle capacity leaps and achieved a rise in daily performance.
With a hanging transport system in the high bay storage together the available room was used in full dimension and the existing storage system was incorporated to serve the new one.
All operational areas in the new and existing parts of the building were conneted by horizontal and gravity conveyors transporting 300 trolleys with 1.5 cbm capacity and 80kg loaded weight. The result was a picking system with high fault tolerance. The main role of the operators at picking and identification of the items was highly taken into account and incorporated within the overall material flow.
under construction

Distribution and Dispatch

Loding Dock Boom - Get out of here !

The usual but awkward situation: garments are taken to the truck on roller trolleys.
To load a truck like this is rather tiring and it takes about 6 men to do this job. Time consuming and labor intensive!
Moreover, the quality of the garments is affected as they get squeezed and can fall down during this process.

SCHÖNENBERGER's solution: ergonomic - time saving - efficient

Loading loops - manual and automatic, rigid and extendable - provide a seamless transit from the warehouse onto the truck.

Trolley trains go directly up to the truck - on the shortest possible track and with minimum personnel effort.

2-3 people can load or unload a truck within 2 hours.

Storage for unprocessed materials

Clean and airy

Orderliness and cleanliness are the main principles here where a variety of unprocessed materials is stored:
from fabric rolls, yarns and cones to cardboard cores and boxes.

A SCHÖNENBERGER system provides hanging storage and transport of every single item.

The advantage: no need to put your hands on nor piling of materials. Every item is handled with care and stays clean. The storage is airy and easy to keep clean.

Using the cube revitalizing existing buildings

Renowned company through the ages / in changing times…

The company founded 175 years ago change their production structures thoroughly.

From fully integrated textile company that produced everything from yarn to finished clothing the company today has developed into a progressively run company with a central distibution centre.

Several areas in different building levels - sometimes more than 150m apart - were efficiently connected and equipped with a SCHÖNENBERGER transporting system.

The extensive product range is processed flat and hanging. Every year more than 350 shops and 3,500 retailers are supplied by the central distribution centre.

Ironing - Finishing

Attracting quality - just in time!

The objective is to give the garment the final touch before it is presented at point of sale. Timing is critical. Tempt the spoiled customer to buy.

Finished garments need to cool off and should not be pressed to avoid crease.
Schönenberger trolleys allow spacing; garments can be transported on single or trained trolleys.
Trapeze bars for lower hanging facilitate handling and provide clear view over the finishing area.
Dynamic storage for production … under the roof

Manufacturer of fittings and big parts

The task was to either build a new building or optimize the use of the existing buidling adn the customer was willing to consider alternative technologies.

The suprising result was to use the free space in the shed roof of the production building. Parts from production are transported on single trolleys along two circles and an vertical conveyor, buffered in the circles and upon call-off transported back to the production area.
e-log = event driven logistic: every trolley labelled with barcode is unique.

This unconventional / unorthodox solution saved half of the estimated investment costs.

Cutting Room

Set the pace

Keeping track inmidst the wide variety of items in the cutting area asks for a smart work flow concept.

With SCHÖNENBERGER the fabric rolls are taken in hanging mode on special gondolas from storage to the spreading machines. The cut pieces are spread onto tray carriers and taken to assembly - quick and easy with minimal effort .

The tray carriers support ergonomical working, they can be turned easily for quick loading and unloading. Markings on the carriers help to survey the entire cutting area.
A scrap trolley takes the leftovers from cutting directly to a waste container and - to save space - empty carriers can be fold when not being in use.

Assembly - Sewing

On the fast lane…

In pre-assembly and assembly the right bundle size matters a lot.

SCHÖNENBERGER systems ensure active production control.
Bundles can for example be arranged by colour.
Customized and single orders are also easy to arrange.
For every product (jacket, trousers long or short, elegant gowns) and any workstep there are specific trolleys for transport and ergonomic hanging assembly, thus supporting desired quality.

Another plus factor: bottlenecks are detected on the spot and can be countersteered.
A reduction of up to 40% in handling time can be achieved.

World wide logistic for spare parts

Worldwide supply of spare parts

600,000 orderlines and 124,000 deliveries are to be processed by the bavarian company. Permanent access to 25,000 spare parts and 800 new gear is requested.

Optimizing the processes demanded standardization of processing, cutting off throughput time and enhance the quality of delivery. Where before hand carts were manually operated today special customized trolleys drive mostly automated on 620m of transport and buffer rails.

Different warehouse areas are reached by 12 "stations" in different warehouse levels.

The trolleys with individual set codebars are transported automatically from input to drop-off along optimized routes.

The trolleys can be loaded with up to 60kg.