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Customer orientation

Tell us what you want, what you need: an extension, a re-organisation,
spare parts, trolleys, etc… all the way
up to new innovative design of processes.

Designing your system … together

Your tasks are sometimes quite challenging and demand many individual steps for successfull realization.
The triple-S process structures and supports such complex tasks.
The beginning is always alike:
to get to know your demands and desired goals.

The better we understand your project, the more detailed we can recommend solutions and contribute as a team member in the planning and concept phase.
'Life time performance' ...
the all determining factor
... can be assisted through ongoing liason and services.


How to work
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  1. Detailausarbeitung, Projektplanung und -strukturierung
  2. Umsetzung: Projektmanagement, Produktion und Koordination aller Einzelleistungen

Die Hängeförderanlagen von Schönenberger verfügen über:
  1. Schulungen, Einweisungen, Nachbetreuung und Service inkl. Hard- und Software

  1. Analyse/Klärung Anforderungen
  2. Konzeption/Planung
  3. Layoutskizze/Ablaufbeschreibung
  4. Prüfung/Check
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